HK-4035-800KV (12N8P)New


148,69 € 75,00 €



The Scorpion HK-4035 motors have been developed for the newer 600 and 700 class electric helicopters that are now coming onto the market. These motors are designed to provide all the power that you can use, while still maintaining excellent efficiency and cool running characteristics.


Stator Diameter40 mm (1.56 in)
Stator Thickness35 mm (1.024 in)
No. of Stator Arms12
No. of Stator Poles8
Motor Wind6 Turn Delta
Motor Wire27 - Strand 0.29mm
Motor Kv800KV RPM / Volt
No-Load Current (IO/8.4v)2.5 Amps
Motor Resistance (RM)0.010 Ohms
Max Continuous Current100 Amps
Max Continuous Power4200 Watts
Weight435 Grams (15.23 oz)
Outside Diameter48.9 mm (1.9 in)
Shaft Diameter7.98 mm (0.30 in)
Body Length61.5 mm (2.38 in)
Overall Shaft Length86.5 mm (3.37 in)

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