X-TREME 90EP Flybarless


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X-TREME 90EP Flybarless
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Technical Data:

Overall Length: 1340 mm
Overall Height: 430 mm
Overall Wide: 210 mm
Main Rotor Diameter: ca.1560 mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: ca.280 mm
Gear Ratio: 9:1:4.7 (others Optional)
Gross Weight: 4200g - 4600g (Depending on Equipment and Main Blades used)


* Gear ratio 9:1:4.7
* CNC cut helical main gears (not moulded)
* Full programable CNC head
* Alum parts machined from Aircraft 6061 & 7075 alum
* easy breakoff Canopy standoff mounts to protect frames
* Very light weight
* double one way bearing for torque tube system.
* beefed up tail pitch slider
* 3 main shaft bearing blocks

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