Gaui X3 + SK540 Clear


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El modelo es el que lleva el portapalas de cola en aluminio.
Incluye Skookum SK540 Clear Flybarless System

● X3 Continued X series of high-strength design, 6mm spindle, 5mm horizontal, 4mm horizontal tail shaft and M2.5 screws, supports 315 ~ 360mm main rotor,
   these specifications than standard 450 electric helicopter increased on the 1st, can adapt more power and higher difficulty 3D flight.
● Head with integrated phaser type Vanda design, all bearing structure of the rotor head scissor arm movement more smoothly. There are three main rotor grip
   arm ball joint mounting position adjustable, according to user needs or feel no need to adjust balance bar system is adjusted for adjustment than conventional
   servo arm holes way more convenient!
Integrated tail gearbox design, adjourned the X7, X4 product characteristics. Double tail pitch control structure, so pitch at the end of the work force more
, while activity dummy bit smaller, tail shaft also more durable. By two ball bearings, a thrust bearing tail rotor bearing design consisting of three folders,
    so that
the tail rotor pitch moves more smoothly!
unilateral plate body design is very simple, centralized steering spindle bearing installation, compact structure. 6mm thick main gear uses helical gear design,
   operation, lower noise, but also to cope with larger motors (2221 ~ 2520) strong torque. Tail drive gear using the same design X7, tail shaft direct drive bevel gear;
   disc with teeth   (crown gear) is also designed with a metal tray, to ensure smooth running gear.
Quick release battery rail mounting structure, so that battery replacement is more convenient and faster. Also the battery built into the body of the installation
   can more effectively protect the battery.
● Install the rudder servo inside the fuselage compatible mini and micro servos servos in two sizes, higher degree of integration.

X3 Palas y electronica recomendada:
  Palas principales: 315mm a 360mm (No incluidas)
 Ancho portapalas : 5mm agujero 3mm.
Palas de cola: 62mm de plastico (incluidas en el basic  Kit)
Especificaciones de motor recomendado:

3S: 3400~4000kV BL motor
6S: 1300~1800kV BL motor
*GAUI spare part motor is Scorpion (optional purchase)
Variador ESC: 3S~6S, Minimum 40Amp ESC
Bateria: Maximum 110 x 34 x 34 mm (L x W x H)
3S 11.1V 2000~2300mAh
6S 22.2V 1000~1400mAh
CCPM Servos: Micro  (23mm)
Tail Servo: Micro o Mini
El piñon no esta incluido al no saber que motor se va a utilizar.

  Los piñones estan como recambio desde 9T a 13T
X3 Gear Ratios (Pinion 9T~13T):
9T    14.55 : 1 : 4.69
10T  13.10 : 1 : 4.69
11T  11.90 : 1 : 4.69
12T  10.91 : 1 : 4.69
13T  10.07 : 1 : 4.69

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