INAV F4 Flight Controller GPS

Controladora de vuelo con GPS, OSD y monitor de voltaje para aviones y alas FPV

75,00 €



Item Name:  INAV FLIGHT F4 Flight Controller 
Input Voltage: 2S - 74v - 6S 22.2V。
Dimension: 38x38x13mm
Weight: 19g
Application: Use INAV firmware can work with all kinds of RC Airplane

Ultra High Performance MCU STM F4 Integrated Chip
High Performance MPU-9250 Gyroscope & Accelerometer
Incredibly Precise MPU-9250 Magnetometer
Altitude Control Capability via Integrated BMP280 Barometer
Anti Vibration via Integrated Silicone Soft Mount Dampers
Powerful 120A Integrated PDB
Integrated OSD
Support up to 6 UARTs 
Built-in Buzzer port and AirSpeed port
Integrated Driver Inverter for SBUS and S.PORT connections
Built-in Battery Voltage and Current monitor
Camera and VTX port built-in Peripheral pass
Integrated 5V@3A BEC for small Digital servos, can be easily changed to External BEC for bigger Servos
Can be easily changed to Camera Voltage and vtx Voltage
Can be easily changed to RX Voltage
Support INAV firmware
Simplified & Ready with Plug & Play Functionality

Package Included:
1x INAV FLIGHT F4 Flight Controller
1x Buzzer
8x 4P Wire

1x 8m GPS module

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