Cargador CX610HV 3.7V

20,00 €



Simple operation, pluy and plag.
Internal chip intelligent temperature test, to ensure the safety of charging.
Six channels independent charging output, can charge six batteries simultaneously.
DC 3.5mm/Batteries XT60/Micro usb three input methods
Charge current is adjustable from 0.1A to 1A CX610HV
LED Digital tube shows input voltage, Six channels battery voltage, input low voltage protection value and setting current value.
USB 5V 2.4A/2.0A/1.0A Smart fast charging interface to support for apple, for Android mobile fast charge protocol.

1. Round 3.5mm jack dc input range: 9V-26V@24W
2. XT60 battery specific interface voltage input range: 9V-26V @3~6S LiPo
3. Micro USB interface input voltage current range: 5V@1A/2A/2.4A
4. In the DC input mode, the setting range of the over discharge voltage: 9V~24V
5. XT60 battery interface, over voltage setting range: Smart settings and user manual tuning
6. Battery charging end voltage: 4.20V±1%
7. Battery charging power: 4Wx6ch@CX610
8. Battery charging current: (0.1-1.0A)x6ch@CX610
9. Support battery type: LiPo
10. Support battery section count: 1Cell
11. Display mode: White LED digital display @CX610, Red LED digital display @CX605
12. battery connector: mCPX,MCX (MOLEX,JST@ You need to use transit lines)
13. USB output interface: 5V@2.4A/2.0A/1.0AIntelligent fast charging interface (DC or XT60 input)
14. Product size: 142x34x17.5mm
15. Product weight: 60g

1 x AOKoda Portable 1S Lipo Battery Charger
6 x Charging Cables

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